Revolutionary…… It’s the only word to describe the Magnetic Air Adjustment Tom Suspension (MAATS-A) System for acoustic drums. This is a brand new approach to mounting and sonically suspending the toms on your drum kit. Invented by Randall May International Inc., and tailored for Mapex Black Panther Design Lab, MAATS-A was developed to accentuate and attenuate the purity of the instrument’s sonic properties. It also gives the opportunity to personalize the response of the drum to each player’s personal preference. The result is an unprecedented sound and feel, alleviating vibration transfer loss. The multiple US & International Patent Pending MAATS system mitigates the weight of the drum into a dynamically/floating magnetic space field. Thus, allowing for the for magnetic adjustment to custom define the sustain and note size individually for each drum.

“MFA” - Magnetic Force Adjustment™

The “MFA” or Magnetic Force Adjustment controls how much of the weight of the drum you are allowing the magnets to pick up. As you apply magnetic force, the sound opens because the weight is being distributed to the opposing magnets.

“ARG” - Acoustic Resonance Gate™

As the positioning of the ARG moves up and down, the sustain length of the drum lengthens or shortens. This is an incredible way to dial in your perfect drum sound in real time!

Drum Leverage (Drum Size) Adjustment

The drum leverage position adjusts to any mounted tom size.

Ergonomic Positioning for Tuning or Performance

1. A 360˚ spin while still secured on the mount, allows for tuning of the resonant head while holding the drum in position.
2. A 20˚ angle adjustment feature in the bridge receptor, allows for adjustment to the perfect playing position.